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During recovery, whether that is recovering from an injury, an eating disorder or anything else, it is really important to believe in yourself. It is very natural to doubt yourself when you start trying to recover because it seems like being ‘recovered’ is so far away. When I was recovering from an eating disorder, I really struggled to believe I would ever get there. One of my therapists suggested writing positive affirmations on revision cards to motivate myself – especially when I was challenging fear foods. At the time, I was a bit too stubborn and didn’t try it out. But looking back, it definitely would have helped!

Any recovery is full of peaks and troughs. Often, we are led to believe that recovery is linear but it definitely isn’t. It is natural to have setbacks. Although I consider myself recovered, I still relapse every now and then. I have just come out of a relapse in the past few weeks, and I am feeling much better now, but I was very low during that time. On the days that aren’t so good, it’s important to remember that you deserve to be happy and you will get there.

What are affirmations?

The simplest definition is that an affirmation is a short, but powerful statement. They have become more popular recently, especially if you want to manifest something for yourself. You can read more about manifestation here.

Did you know there are positive and negative affirmations?

I discovered that a few weeks ago. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read it on Riyah’s blog. I used to use a lot of negative affirmations. Sometimes they still flash through my brain, but I’m trying my best to change them to positive affirmations.

How can affirmations be used?

Affirmations can be used in lots of ways, one way is through some pre-written cards.

Introducing Mål Paper

Mål Paper is a UK based stationery brand with a focus on improving wellness, fulfilment and potential of the user. They sent me their affirmation deck, which I think is perfect for those days when you aren’t feeling quite like yourself. Sometimes hard to write them for yourself, so what’s better than having 52 affirmation cards on hand?

This one affirmation deck can be used in so many different ways! My favourite way is to pick one at random each day. If I was at home, as opposed to in my uni house, I would stick them on my mirror. I love being reminded of positive affirmations as I look at my reflection, especially due to my eating disorder struggles.

Alternatively, you could pick one to repeat to yourself throughout that week. Then you could have a new one for each week of the year!

What are the benefits of affirmations?

There are hundreds of benefits that affirmations have! I won’t name them all, but here are some of them:

  1. Motivational
  2. Transfer your negative thoughts to positive ones
  3. Bring positivity into your life
  4. Increase happiness
  5. Repeating affirmations daily creates a routine
  6. They bring you a new perspective
  7. A study shows that they bring cardiovascular benefits
  8. We are less likely to burn out

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Have I convinced you to start using positive affirmations? Do you already use them?

Best wishes, Cx

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  1. Natalie Valerie says:

    These look like they could really work well for me, following this year. I’ll be making sure they’re on my Christmas list! Thank you for sharing your story. 🤍

    1. Thank you x

  2. Great post.

    I have my deck of cards and I am going to use them daily. I just love how handy they are.

    This is an item I would definitely purchase to help in my recovery.

    1. Me too! x

  3. What a brilliant idea of having affirmation cards. I should really invest in some. Brilliant post to read, thank you for sharing x

    1. Thank you x

  4. I try to use all these positive affirmations I see on Pinterest and save them, I tell myself everyday affirmations in my head or when I’m alone. Truly helps so you can stay positive mentally.. somedays life really sucks. But again we ALL have a purpose on this planet earth, we are loved, we are appreciated, good things are our way! Affirm it! Manifest it!

    1. Definitely x

  5. Positive affirmations do change your mindset. I often find myself saying them in the car on the way to work.

    1. Love that 🙂

  6. I love the idea of these cards. They can be put around the home or carried with us to be a point of reference when we need to focus on some positivity and encouragement. I have really got into using affirmations as they are so effective (I didn’t think they would be and was a skeptic for a long time). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Definitely! x

  7. I love affirmations and these cards look amazing! They would be great when you need a little bit of a lift. I really like the idea of sticking them on your mirror as a reminder. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you xx

  8. These are really lovely cards, I didn’t realise affirmation cards were a thing. Recovering from an eating disorder is so hard and I wish I had something like this to guide and help me through. Thank you for sharing! Em x

    1. Thank you Em xx

  9. I love these affirmation cards, I use these Mal Paper affirmations cards myself and they are great mood boosters! x

    Lucy |

    1. Definitely 🙂 x

  10. I appreciate your story. I don’t have ED but I think that the positive affirmations can help a lot of people. Wishing you well on your journey

    1. Thank you <3

  11. I love these cards, I have a pack and I use them every day for positive affirmations. They really help me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lou x

  12. I love these cards! I saw them on someone else’s blog yesterday too. What a great idea 🙂

    Corinne x

  13. I am in a form of recovery and find positive affirmation cards a great tool because my own inner talk can be very negative and self defeating
    Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. I totally feel you, I hope you are okay x

  14. Charity says:

    Yes! Positive affirmations are so important and this looks like such a great way to get them! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you x

  15. I LOVED reading this post. I am such a positive person but for me, positivity breeds positivity. I need to read, be around and hear positive affirmations to keep my head on that way!


    1. Thank you Rosie!

  16. I love the idea of these cards! Affirmations have been such a helpful tool in the last few years for me, so I might get this deck as a self present x

    1. Amazing! xx

  17. Thanks for sharing Caroline. I think positive thinking is so important, and it sounds like positive affirmations are an important tool for those recovering. Great post 🙂

    1. Thank you x

  18. Thanks for writing this Caroline. Affirmations and positive words have been so helpful throughout my recovery from depression and anxiety.

    1. I feel you x

  19. These look fab! I’ve always said that affirmations and positive quotes mean so, so much when you’re going through recovery! They’ve always helped me and I’ve no doubt that if you continue to use them they will be an amazing benefit!

    1. Definitely x

  20. You have convinced me Caroline! I had an injury a couple of years ago which greatly impacted my physical health and I definitely could have used positive affirmation. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you x

  21. This was really interesting. I’ve seen these cards before and know how useful they can be for confidence and self motivation but it’s never crossed my mind how that could be used relating to recovery. It’s amazing that such a simple item can help with such big steps like that.

    1. I agree x

  22. I struggle with spoken affirmations – the kind where you talk to yourself in the mirror – because it makes me self-conscious and grumpy, for some reason 😅 So I think these cards are a wonderful idea! A way to receive positive and reassuring messages about yourself, without any awkwardness. I think your idea of putting them on the mirror is great! I’ve also recovered from an eating disorder and I can see how this would help. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Definitely! x

  23. ellegracedeveson says:

    Wow, these look and sound amazing. I’ve never used affirmations before but it’s something I defiantly want to start doing. I love reading positive things to kick start my day off right so I’m going to invest in some of these ASAP! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

    1. Aw amazing! x

  24. I love affirmation cards, they’re so handy! You’re totally right that anyone who is doing any healing can really benefit from using them, and at first glance, it is easy to brush them off or not believe they will actually help! I love taping mine to my computer monitor so it can be a reminder as I go about working throughout the day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I feel you x

  25. These cards look amazing. I have recently started writing and using affirmations. They have changed my life. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Thank you x

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