Welcome to Enviroline Blog!

I’ve been interested in the environment and our impact since I visited a science museum and saw that the polar ice caps were melting. I was quite young, but I remember thinking ‘Why aren’t we doing anything about it then?’

We rarely hear environmental articles in the news, and I couldn’t find an environmental blog either. I created Enviroline Blog when I was 17 (in 2019) and studying Environmental Science as one of my A-Levels. I was discovering all this information and I wanted to share it. Originally, I was sharing just awareness and information but since then I have been sharing tips and ways to help.

In May 2020, I decided to include Mental Health and Eating Disorder Recovery on my blog. I had just been discharged from an eating disorder clinic and decided that I was in a healthy mindset to spread awareness. I’m also diagnosed with depression & anxiety.

Although I have shared a personal side of myself, it’s important to remember that my mental illnesses don’t define me. So, here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I love Harry Potter, though I’m not a huge fan of The Goblet Of Fire
  • My MBTI personality type is INFJ and my enneagram is type 6w5
  • I have 2 adorable cats called Monty & Percy, though I am a bit allergic to animals!
  • My favourite book genre is romance and I only read books that have a happy ending
  • I love watching sitcoms