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It’s finally time for the Christmas content to begin on my blog! I must admit, I hadn’t been feeling very Christmassy because I was feeling so low, but I’m feeling good about myself again so now I’m in Christmas mode. My housemates and I are even having a little Christmas party whilst we put up our decorations. But anyway, the first thing you need for Christmas is an advent calendar. I have always loved having one as a kid, and now there is so much choice, so I thought I would share some eco-friendly advent calendars I’ve seen.

In this advent calendar guide, I’m going to be sharing eco-friendly advent calendars. This will be divided into two sections: vegan and eco-friendly packaging. I think it’s important that your advent calendar is plastic-free because Christmas generates so much waste with the food, plastic etc. Although I am not a vegan, it’s so nice to see lots of them available!

Anyway, onto the eco-friendly advent calendars 💚

Vegan advent calendars


I first tried this chocolate a few months ago and it was delicious so it’s very exciting that they have an advent calendar! I have only tried their milk chocolate, as opposed to their caramel one, but caramel chocolate is always better so you can’t really go wrong.

Buy the NOMO Caramel advent calendar* £10.99

Happi Free From

You might remember back in July when it was World Chocolate Day when I first mentioned this brand in the 5 eco-friendly chocolate brands post. They have brought out an advent calendar! What’s even better, is you can get 2 advent calendars for £15 to treat a friend. This is such a good idea, so definitely make use of it 🎁🙌

Buy the Happi Free From advent calendar £15 for 2 calendars

Candy Kittens

If chocolate isn’t your thing, I’ve got you covered. The Candy Kitten advent calendar has been going on for a few years now, so it’s safe to say they are popular. With their calendar, you get to build it into a tree and they plant a real tree with each purchase.

Buy the Candy Kittens advent calendar £12

Moo Free

Back when I thought I might be lactose intolerant, I would eat this chocolate every day! It is really tasty and you can’t really tell that it doesn’t have dairy in it. I think this is the cheapest vegan advent calendar I’ve seen, but it honestly is delicious.

Buy the Moo Free advent calendar* £4.79


I’ve only tried Montezuma chocolate once, which was last weekend as a taster when I walked by the shop. I tried the mint chocolate one, not sure if it was actually vegan but it was good! They are selling 2 vegan advent calendars this year, the milk chocolate one and the dark chocolate one.

Buy the Montezuma vegan milk chocolate advent calendar* £9.99

Buy the Montezuma vegan dark chocolate advent calendar* £9.99

Plamil So Free

I haven’t really heard of this brand before but I saw that they were selling 3 types of chocolate advent calendars so they must taste good! Personally, I’m always a bit unsure about vegan white chocolate, but maybe that’s because I find it too sweet so I don’t eat it much. Nevertheless, Plamil So Free have a white chocolate one, a milk chocolate one and a salted caramel one.

Buy the Plamil So Free white chocolate advent calendar* £4.95

Buy the Plamil So Free milk chocolate advent calendar* £4.95

Buy the Plamil So Free salted caramel advent calendar* £4.95

Joe & Seph’s

Whew, that was a lot of chocolate! The last vegan advent calendar in this list is a popcorn one. I haven’t tried Joe & Seph’s popcorn but I’ve heard such amazing things about it. This advent calendar is slightly more on the expensive side, but the popcorn is handmade and gourmet so it’s understandable.

Buy the Joe & Seph’s popcorn advent calendar* £24.99

eco-friendly reusable advent calendar
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Eco-friendly packaged advent calendars

Tony’s Chocolonely

This is the advent calendar I have bought this year and I am very excited about it! I was so surprised by how big it was, the price is definitely worth it and more. You probably know by now that I LOVE Tony’s Chocolonely, I am always mentioning them on Instagram. Their chocolate is my favourite so I’m very much looking forward to the 1st of December 🎄

Buy the Tony’s Chocolonely advent calendar* £15.67

Hygge/wellbeing advent calendar

This advent calendar is slightly different and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It looks amazing and I’m a bit gutted that I’ve already bought myself 2 advent calendars 🙈 Recently, I’ve been really getting into the idea of a Hygge lifestyle. My next blog post is about creating your own Hygge corner so keep a watch out for that✨ I particularly like this one because each day you get an envelope with a word on it and something relating to it on the inside. I’m not doing a very good job at explaining it, so maybe just have a look haha!

Buy the hygge/wellbeing advent calendar* £15.50

Paint your own advent decorations

This one isn’t so much of a calendar, but there are 24 decorations so you get to decorate one per day on the run-up to Christmas. It says it’s for kids but I think it’s a cute idea for anyone, colouring is so therapeutic and Christmas can be so stressful so it’s nice to have a bit of downtime each day. All the decorations are wooden which is a nice change from the usual paint the plastic decorations! Plus, you can decorate your tree with them.

Buy the paint your own advent decorations* £20.50

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Self-care advent calendar

The next eco-friendly advent calendar is a self-care themed! You get a jar full of 25 self-care activities, crafts and ideas for you to do. I think it’s such a fun way of getting into the Christmas spirit and carving out some time to do them. December is a truly magical time of year, but it’s also a time when a lot of deadlines are due (for me anyway!). I really like that you get to reuse the jar – I’d use it for sweeties 🍬

Buy the self-care advent calendar* £6

12 days of planting

I have never seen a gardening advent calendar before, but this is perfect for your plant friend! The seeds come in cute little bags which you could definitely reuse for a future advent calendar. Biodegradable pots, soil pellet, plant markers and instructions for each seed pack is also given. It’s a really sweet kit for someone to get into growing – they are all herbs.

Buy the 12 days of planting advent calendar* £17.99

Acts of kindness reusable advent calendar

The final eco-friendly advent calendar in this guide is one based on giving back. It’s super important to share simple acts of kindness all year round, but Christmas can be so hard for some people (lookout for a future post on this!). The idea is to reuse it every year so you continue to give back. It is such a lovely idea and warms my heart ❤

Buy the acts of kindness reusable advent calendar* £19

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And there we have it! My eco-friendly advent calendar gift guide 2021 🎅 I hope this sparked some inspiration, let me know which advent calendar is your favourite in the comments x

Best wishes, Cx

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  1. I like Moo Free chocolate, and that’s fantastic that they do advent calendars! Thank you for sharing these options x

    1. Thank you xx

  2. Some of these are brilliant indeed – I used to get a Montezuma calendar every year at work, so yummy!

    1. Aw nice! x

  3. Some amazing calendars! Anything hygge is very cool.

    1. Agreed 🙂

  4. I love the idea of a reusable advent calendar! You can customize it in so many ways. It’s such a thoughtful and special gift idea, especially the self-care one!

    1. Definitely x

  5. I gave advent calendars last year as they make for such fun little gifts! The two pack Happi one sounds amazing, but I love the variety I am finding here! Not every calendar has to be packed with edibles, so I love the idea of a self-care, hygge, or reusable calendar too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the recommendations. Tony’s one sounds amazing since we’re chocolate lovers.

    1. Definitely!

  7. We were gifted a Lego advent calendar which isn’t so eco-friendly (going to recycle as much as possible and donate/gift the Lego figures) so it’s nice to know about other brands/ideas that will be more sustainable. I can make sure that we get those in the future!

    1. Sounds good 🙂

  8. Mind Beauty Simplicity says:

    love all of these especially the hygge and self care advent calendars

  9. I love that there are so many eco-friendly options for advent calendars! This is so great to see. I think the painting decorations calendar would be a lot of fun because I like crafty things, but I’d need to get myself a chocolate one too because that’s essential haha

  10. Ah so many good picks here! I’ve been wanting to try Tony s chocolate for a while now and I love the idea of making your own calendar xx

    1. Definitely recommend trying it out! x

  11. These are great options for advent calendars & I’m all for the chocolate ones!
    The wellbeing & self-care calendars sound nice too!

    1. Thank you x

  12. Adorable advent calendar, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you x

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