Since I watched Cowspiracy, I have been looking for some vegan snacks alternatives. I’m loving! Since I don’t really know what is good and what isn’t, I asked on Twitter for recommendations. I recently switched completely to oat milk which I’m loving!

Lentil chips

I saw these in Asda and couldn’t resist trying them. They are very good, very crunchy and have a nice flavour to them – they remind me a bit of popodoms which I really like. I’m not a fan of salty crisps so these are perfect for me! I forgot to take a photo but I’ll upload them to my Instagram stories once I’m back in Bournemouth.

My rating: 9/10

Livia’s Kitchen

Love, Em recommended me their dunkers & millionaire slices which I couldn’t find… so instead went for the brownie and cookie dough nugglets. Personally, I didn’t really like them – the date flavour and texture was a bit too strong for me. Maybe if I liked dates, they would have been nicer. The cookie dough didn’t taste like cookie dough to me. I’m gutted that I don’t like them because the packaging looks so good!

Brownie rating: 2/10

Cookie dough rating: 1/10

Galaxy smooth cookie crumble

vegan galaxy crumbled cookie chocolate bar

I nearly didn’t buy it because this was very expensive! But I do love Galaxy so thought I’d buy it as a one-off. I think they do orange, mint and sea salt as well but I haven’t had cookie crumble for ages so bought that one. I love that the packaging is more eco-friendly, but I don’t understand why they don’t have it for all their products. Onto the actual chocolate, it was delicious! It definitely tastes a bit different to their regular one but I did really like it and would buy it again (if it was on offer).

My rating: 7/10

Love corn

Juniper suggested this to me and I’ve seen it a lot on Instagram so I ordered the free sample pack (you only pay for delivery). I wasn’t much of a fan of the salt and vinegar ones but I really like the sea salt ones! They are so moreish that I kept picking at them all morning. I’m definitely going to be ordering more of these 🙂

Salt & vinegar: 4/10

Sea salt: 8/10

Qwrkee plant-based puffs

I bought the beetroot flavour because I love them in vegetable crisps but it really didn’t taste that nice. It was quite spicy as well, which is an immediate no for me.

My rating: 1/10

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Candy kittens

I bought these ages ago and have been waiting to try them for this post. They are the sour watermelon ones because I love watermelon 😍 I would definitely recommend these – they are so good! Sometimes gummy sweets don’t have the right kind of texture but these are basically the same as Haribo tangfastics.

My rating: 7/10

A few other people suggested some lovely sounding vegan snacks but they weren’t in shops close to me, but that does mean I’ll be doing a part 2 when I find some more. If you have a suggestion, let me know x

What is your favourite vegan snack?

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  1. Seeing all of these treats is making me want to grab something sweet! It sounds like you found quite a few you’re happy with and that’s amazing. Here in Canada we have Squish Candy which is my personal favourite of the vegan treats! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Aw haha, they sound great xx

  2. So many great snacks! I’ve tried the vegan Galaxy before and loved it xx

    1. It’s so good! x

  3. There is a bbq flavour of the Love Corn which I adore. It’s always in the cupboards and I’d highly recommend! It’s a shame that you didn’t like Livia’s Kitchen but I don’t really like the cookie dough bits either. The other suggestions are a bit better, I promise! 😉

    1. I’m yet to try BBQ but hopefully, I’ll like it! I’ll try your other suggestions if I can find them x

  4. omg galaxy has a vegan option ??? I absolutely have to try that! xx

    mia //

    1. I know right, so cool! x

  5. Oh wow……I love vegan snacks! They are delicious yet healthy. Thank you for sharing this information with me.

    1. Thank you for reading x

  6. I love a couple of these, such as Love Corn! I think this is a great way to enjoy snacks as a vegan and stay on top of your eating choices even while you’re snacking x

    1. So true x

  7. These sound delicious! I’m not vegan, but often go for vegan/vege options because they hit differently than ‘normal’ foods. I’ll have to give these a go!

    1. I’m the same x

  8. I’m so glad there are more and more vegan snacks available. I love your list and will be trying some of them!

    1. Me too, thank you xx

  9. Oo, I love trying vegan food and I had no idea Galaxy did a range of Vegan chocolate! It looks amazing x

    1. It’s so nice too x

  10. That Galaxy crumble looks amazing, I really need to try that! x

    Lucy |

    1. Let me know what you think x

  11. The Livia ones were one of the first vegan snacks I tried and they were awful! I’d love the try the Galaxy though, the only thing that puts me off is the price. My favourite chocolatey vegan snack is the Love Raw bars, they’re like Kinder Bueno bars and taste amazing! Also for savoury snacks I love the Kettle Chips Sheese and Red Onion, they’re delicious!

    1. I totally relate. Galaxy is so expensive! Maybe buy it as a treat one day 🙂 Great suggestions, I really want to try the Kettle Chips xx

  12. The orange vegan galaxy chocolate is my fav! It’s a shame you don’t like dates, there’s lots of yummy vegan snacks with them in!

    1. Love orange flavoured chocolate 😍 I know :/

  13. These sound like delicious snacks. I keep seeing lentil chips in the supermarkets and really want to try them.

    1. You should! x

  14. Sorry you didn’t like the first ones! The Galaxy sounds amazing, I didn’t know they did a Vegan bar. I really like Nakd Bars!

    1. I know, it’s so cool! x

  15. Love how honest you were in this post review! I think my favourite vegan snacks are crispy seaweed and crunchy chickpeas! I’d like to try vegan chocolate. I don’t think I have yet! Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn |

    1. Thank you xx

  16. I love lentil chips and honestly, I am so impressed that they started doing so many flavoured ones! I really want to try love corn as i have seen them so much around and candy kittens are the best x

    1. I’ve only seen sea salt, so will have a lookout! x

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