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Blogmas day 7 | Eco-friendly gift guide

Blogmas day 7 is here! I was worried I wouldn’t make it this far because I have a lot on at the moment but here is another blogmas post <3 I’ve done a small business gift guide and since I focus on the environment, I thought it would be nice to do a bit of an eco-friendly gift guide.

A little disclaimer first, I haven’t bought any of these items so this isn’t a reviewing post, more of an observation post. I’ve decided to show some eco-friendly shops I’ve found rather than a specific item (the items are in bold so that they are easier to find).

If you’re close to me, you might know that I tend to online window shop all year round so that I always have a bit of an idea of what to get a specific person. I’m currently obsessed with Etsy, so the following items are from there 🙂


Olivia sells soy candles which are vegan, eco-friendly and paraffin (harsh chemical) free, along with the jars they come in are recycled! There are a wide variety of scents to pick from. Additionally, she sells wax melts and handmade soap <3


Evie is one of my friends from uni but I couldn’t mention her in this post as I just love it so much. She sells face masks in lovely patterns along with matching scrunchies, beeswax wraps, handmade soap bars, soap dishes, handmade biodegradable dishcloths, makeup face cloths, upcycled lavender hearts, bamboo toothbrushes and metal straws! Evie has everything you could need and more 🙂


The next shop sells lots of sets which include soy candles, handmade soap and vegan pick ‘n’ mix or you can buy them individually. The soy candles are paraffin-free and are full of essential oils which can enhance your wellbeing. The soap bars are made from all-natural ingredients and are palm oil-free. The wrapping and labels are plastic-free which can be recycled or composted. My favourite thing they sell is their sustainable secret Santa gift box! I really like this shop because everything they sell is very affordable <3


This shop sells zero waste products for sustainable living including coconut bowls, bamboo straws, wooden cutlery, soy candles, shaving soap bars, zero waste razers and straw cleaning brushes. All their products are at a good price, especially their bamboo straws but my favourite product of theirs would be their coconut bowls which just look amazing!


This shop is deffo one of my favourites because they sell eco-friendly stationery which I think is just the best! They have highlighter pencils, plantable pen, plantable notebook, plantable pencils, eco cork pen (with a refill) and plantable Christmas cards. When I next need highlighters I am definitely going to buy these <3


The last shop I’m going to share is another eco-friendly stationery shop. They sell plantable Christmas baubles which are so cool, along with ribbon, washi tape, plantable gift tags and recycled wrapping paper. All of these are perfect for Christmas! <3

I hope you enjoyed this post, slightly different from the last gift guide, make sure to check them all out!

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Best wishes, Cx

19 thoughts on “Blogmas day 7 | Eco-friendly gift guide”

  1. I love candles and wax melts, but the one that caught my eye was EcoLifeGreen’s Etsy! Highlighter pencils and plantable pencils/Christmas cards. That sounds like an amazing gift. Like a 2-in-1 where you give someone something they can use and it gets recycled back into Earth. I love this! Thanks for sharing this post. I’ll definitely use this one for gifts (I already bought my Christmas ones 🙁 so another time lol).

    Grislean |

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