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Blogmas day 3 | Eco-friendly decorations

I’ve been wanting to make my room look more Christmassy so I decided to make some eco-friendly decorations. So I thought they would be perfect to share in blogmas 🙂 🌍✨

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Last year I decided to make my own crackers that were plastic-free. I got the pack from Oxfam and bought a little gift for everyone in my family. Something like nail varnish, scrunchie etc. Maybe hand sanitiser for this year! 💖

Cardboard decorations

For these eco-friendly decorations, I’ve been using the cardboard that Christmas presents come in. Super fun and are very easy to make ⭐️


Normally, you’re meant to use an orange but we didn’t have any so instead, I used a lemon. I used a cocktail stick to get the holes and then put the cloves in. This decoration is perfect for a Christmas tree 🎄

Orange slices

This is the easiest one, cut up an orange and put into the oven. The ones below are from last year 🍊

Paper chains

If you eat kitkats, then this will be the perfect one for you! Using the outer paper part of the wrapper, glue the sides together around another one and voila 🎊 I particularly love this because it was an unexpected eco-friendly decoration!

Let me know if you try out any of these xx

Best wishes, Cx

0 thoughts on “Blogmas day 3 | Eco-friendly decorations”

  1. These are so clever and fun! Particularly love the cardboard decorations. My sister needs to use these because her dogs eat the normal ones because of the sound they make.

  2. Such lovely, easy ideas that everyone can do <3. I've also dried oranges for the tree this year. As a lover of Kit Kats, I loved the paper chains!

  3. I love the idea of the orange slice! I’ve been seeing orange slices on florist pages, and I was wondering where to get them. I didn’t realize you could simply bake orange slices??? I’m not as big on Christmas decorations, but some of them (e.g. the orange slices) could become a permanent decorating item in my home too. Thanks for these recommendations!

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