I love bucket list posts, both reading and writing. So, I couldn’t resist doing one for Autumn!

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  1. Pumpkin carving
  1. Make s’mores
  1. Bake ghost cupcakes
  1. Bake chocolate chip cookies
  1. Take Autumnal photos
  1. Walkthrough leaves
  1. Find conkers
  1. Make an Autumnal playlist
  1. Paint Autumnal nails
  1. Decorate room
  1. Watch Gilmore Girls
  1. Make Rice Krispie pumpkins
Bullet journal version of my autumn bucket list

Have you got an Autumn bucket list? If so, what’s on yours? Let me know in the comments below 🍂

Best wishes, Cx

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  1. That’s an awesome bucket list! I have lots of ideas I want to do for fall this year from going on paranormal investigations to going to the corn maze around by me.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Aw cool, sounds fun! x

  2. Woah! This is a great bucket list. I hope you get all of them done and have an amazing autumn ❤️🍁

    1. Thanks, you too x

  3. This is such an adorable bucket list I aspire to have one so amazing!!! Also love the bullet journal spread – I hope you get to do all these and have loads of fun with them❤️❤️❤️

    1. Aww thank you so much! xx

  4. GG in autumn while sipping on coffee = perfection

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  6. […] went on a few walks with my friend and her dog which was fun and I got completly into Autumn 🍂 Also, Strictly started which was truly one of the highlights of the […]

  7. […] done a summer bucket list and an autumn one so it was only right to do a Christmas one, hope you enjoy […]

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  9. […] I’ve watched lots of performances here and as someone who loves musicals, I couldn’t not include this! I’ve been to a lot of pantomimes here though they really scared me when I was younger so stopped going. I also saw Jesus Christ Superstar (I think) with a few friends and our mums when we were younger. I’ve watched my mum play in the orchestra at some concerts here which I loved! But, my favourite time was when I saw The Nutcracker Ballet. It was absolutely incredible and I was completely amazed by these amazing ballerinas. I took ballet lessons from when I was 3 until about 16 when my eating disorder got in the way, but before then I loved ballet so so much. I also did tap & modern dance classes and loved performing in my dance schools shows. If you ever get the chance to see ballet, take it! The Everyman Theatre showed Six the musical a couple of years back which I didn’t know until it was over – very jealous and definitely want to see it when it comes back to Cheltenham in the Autumn. […]

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  11. I haven’t made s’mores in years! Seeing them on your list made me crave them again. Maybe I’ll have to make some again soon 🙂

    1. Yes, they are so good!

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