I started writing this when I was having a bad day. Instead of just having a bad day, I decided to make something out of it and write a post which actually really helped! I hope this makes you feel better too ❤

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Have a shower…so you can cry in peace

Having a shower helps me so so much! If I’m having a bad day or if I wake up and just don’t really feel myself, a shower is like the starting point that will lead to a productive day.

That last part was kinda a joke…though crying in the shower did really help me. But on a serious note, it’s really good to get your emotions out and not let them build up.

Give your pet a cuddle

Whenever I’m upset or things just aren’t going my way, giving my pets a hug makes me feel a little bit better. It especially helps if you don’t really want to talk to your parents or anyone else, just hugging your pet provides a bit of comfort.

If you don’t have a pet, here’s a couple of pictures of my cats:

Organise something

Doing something productive will always make me feel so much better. Even if it’s just putting my books in rainbow order or tallest to shortest, it almost makes me feel complete. Or maybe it’s that when I’m having a bad day or I’m feeling especially low, organising makes me feel somewhat in control. Either way, have a go!

Go on a walk

The other day when I was having a bad day, I decided to go on a walk. I was upset all day, so I kind of just wanted to walk it off which actually kinda worked! I LOVE taking photos so on the walk I took a few:

(There were bunnies on the walk too! But unfortunately, my photos came out blurry)

Listen to music

I have multiple playlists for whatever mood I’m in but something that almost never fails to cheer me up is listening to musicals music, in particular Waitress! I also love Six which I’ve just recently been listening to so of course, now I really want to see it.

Apart from musicals, I have a playlist that I can listen to at any time, anywhere. I’ve called it ‘repeat mix‘ and it’s only a few songs but they are ones that I will never get sick of. For example, City Of Stars from La La Land, Rainbow Connection, Breakaway, etc.

I hope these 5 tips help you if you’re having a bad day, though I hope you aren’t!

What makes you feel better on a bad day? Favourite songs to listen to on a bad day? Let me know in the comments x

Best wishes, Cx

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  1. I’ll follow your advice….I usually eat when I have a bad day or I’m nervous about something….next time I’ll go for a walk

    1. comfort food is so good as well! <3

  2. absolutely love the feeling you get listening to a musical – particular faves are six, DEH, heathers, mean girls, beetlejuice & hamilton!

    1. so true! i’m gonna listen to some that you suggested x

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve got into a good morning yoga routine which always makes me feel better (even if I don’t feel like it beforehand). Walk or a run can be good too, or a swim if there’s somewhere I can!

    1. Music can be good too, organising is an interesting one! I don’t think of that as a way to feel better, but I think you’re right it can help. Must see to the engine room one of these days…!

    2. sounds good! 🙂 x

  4. Music can be good too, organising is an interesting one! I don’t think of that as a way to feel better, but I think you’re right it can help. Must see to the engine room one of these days…!

  5. brunettelondoner says:

    these are all great tips! crying in the shower is definitely something I do ahahah- the release of those built up emotions is really helpful. music is a must when I’m having a bad day- but for some reason I only listen to sad songs haha- maybe I need to listen to something more upbeat (started to listen to Hamilton but I’ll give SIX a go as well) x

    1. thank you! i get you with the listening to songs, sometimes i just need to do that/listen to like slow-ish and acoustic songs. yes, deffo listen to SIX! x

  6. These are some wonderful tips! Your cats look a lot like my Tilly – they’re so cute! A cuddle with your pets makes such a difference when you’re struggling especially. I also love how you included taking a shower in this – it’s such a simple thing but it can really make you feel better! xxx

    1. Thanks! Awww, cats are just the best, aren’t they. xx

  7. These are some really wonderful tips. Loved reading it. 😊🤗

  8. Great and very simple tips for all of us! Animals are the best kind of therapy. Love having a cuddle with the neighbourhood cats! Or my friends send me funny videos of animals being hilarious! 🙂

  9. […] For me, it is something I do to take care of myself. I first started practising self-care a few years ago when I was recovering from anorexia. It was tough and more than anything, I needed to take care of my brain. I’ve recently learnt that you also need to take care of your physical health. I always resonate self-care with mental health but it can be something as simple as having a shower – one thing that always makes me feel a bit better. […]

  10. […] I have a bad day or I am feeling particularly depressed, I just talk to him. It seems silly because he’s a cat […]

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