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Why you should choose fairtrade products

Fairtrade fortnight is 22nd February – 7th March 2021. It is a campaign to raise awareness for the farmers and workers who produce our food. The theme for 2021 is climate change challenges. They are working in poor countries that have done the least to contribute to climate change and yet they are the ones facing the challenges. And these challenges will only increase as the earth gets warmer and the global pandemic continues.

Here is are 5 reasons why you should choose fairtrade.

Workers receive a fair price

This is probably the most well-known fact but that’s because so many workers across the world are treated unfairly. Unfortunately, it’s very common that people are expected to work long hours for very little money. Fairtrade supports workers to get the right standard of work through trade unions and to raise their prices. However, by choosing fairtrade, you are helping the world become a more equal place.

Some of the money gets invested in local products

It isn’t just the workers that benefit, their local community does too! There are investments in better schools, housing and medical facilities which are all essential in life. There are lots of lovely stories that I would really recommend reading about.

Creates a safe environment for workers

There are health & safety requirements to make sure that the workplace is as safe as possible. The machinery and equipment on site must be kept safe and if there are any hazards, to be clearly labelled. There are discrimination policies, along with a no-bullying/harassment policy and no forced labour/child labour. Additionally, there has to be access to clean water, rest areas and toilets.

Like I said before, often people have to work long hours with little pay but also in horrible conditions. Workplaces can be unhygienic, hazardous and with no breaks but fairtrade eliminates this.

They are taking significant steps towards sustainability

Part of the reason why Fairtrade is more expensive is so it covers sustainable production costs. Buying fairtrade doesn’t necessarily mean that you are buying the most sustainable option in the shop, it just means that it’s more sustainable than before and they are taking significant steps.

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Enables workers to have a better quality of life

With more money, they can buy nutritious food and live in a better house. They can live a more stable life and send their children to school, along with being less at risk of poverty. These are just a few of the benefits that Fairtrade provides for the people who produce our food. The next time you go shopping, think about making a switch to a fairtrade product.

There are lots of events that you can get involved in, during fairtrade fortnight, here. I’ve signed up for a few talks & the fairtrade quiz which I’m really looking forward to.

Best wishes, Cx

34 thoughts on “Why you should choose fairtrade products”

  1. I love this!! I’ve heard of Fairtrade before and the one group I volunteer for is promoting it along with a bakesale so I’m going to investigate as soon as I get back to the UK. Great blog xx

  2. This is a really good post, super important to get the message across of why Fairtrade is necessary, a lot of people don’t understand. You have explained it so well =)

  3. This was such a great read! I didn’t know there was a week to raise awareness about it. Sometimes people can get confused about what Fairtrade means and you explained it clearly! Thank you for sharing! x

  4. Such an important topic! I try as much as possible to shop local (as my dads owns a flower nursery and my grandfather owned a farm!), and when I’m in the supermarket I look out for UK grown or fair trade products for sure! It’s so important to support the food chain as much as we can with smart and fair purchases!

    Katie |

  5. This is such a great topic. I remember Fairtrade being spoken about when I was still at school. Ever since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to choose fair trade products where possible. Everybody has the right to be healthy, happy and gain a living wage.

  6. Love this post. I always try and buy Fairtrade wherever possible and I remember it being a big thing at school. Thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  7. This is such a great read Caroline✨

    I try my best to always to fair trade products, I take my time reading the label carefully before purchasing anything. With climate change and everything that is going on around our world, we all must be responsible consumer. x

  8. I love this post! It’s super great to know about why fair-trade is really important – I’m aware that many people don’t know or understand about it. Thank you so much for sharing the love!

  9. Excellent post, pet! I always knew it was a good thing to buy fair trade, but I never knew the in’s and out’s of it. You’ve really opened my eyes!

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