I’ve always loved reading ‘monthly favourites’ posts so I’ve decided to do a lockdown version. I hope this gives you some inspiration if you’re getting bored! x

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I feel like everyone watched lots of Netflix, so these are some of the shows I loved:

New girl

I’ve been loving New Girl, it’s kinda like a modern ‘friends‘ which is great because I love friends too! ☕️

Also, one of the New Girl episodes has a crossover with Brooklyn 99 which makes it even better 👮‍♀️

Modern family

I watched all 11 seasons so quickly 🙈

It’s such a good show and although it’s a sitcom and it’s funny, it’s also really relevant. They’re a blended and multicultural family full of love ❤️

Falling inn love

This is a romantic comedy movie about two people who, seem to be complete opposites, fall in love – so heartwarming and sweet! I’m not a massive fan of movies but I could deffo rewatch this one 🥰


I’ll admit, I did only use this for the 7-day trial as I accidentally selected pay/year which I couldn’t afford…

Lady and the tramp

This was the first movie I watched on Disney+ and I’ve always loved the animated version so I was really excited to watch the real-life version which definitely met my expectations!


I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t watched this before! But I LOVED it – it’s now one of my fave films.


I’d also never watched Tangled either but this is now my second fave Disney film (after Lady and the Tramp!).



I’ve been loving Taylor Swift’s new album so much! Most of her songs are my kinda style but this album is especially right up my street.💓 My favourite songs are betty, seven and august.

I would say this is her best album yet✨


I love musicals and finally listened to the soundtrack which I am now obsessed with, especially ‘don’t lose your head’. I was actually meant to see the ‘six drive-in‘ yesterday😢👑


I’ve always loved reading but I haven’t had the time to read, however, since my A-levels were cancelled I had plenty of spare time! At the start of the year, I set a target to read 15 books in 2020 (only read 6 so far😬) along with trying to read 4 books before I go to uni (hopefully I’ll complete that as I’m on the 4th book and go to uni in about 3 weeks!).

If I never met you by Mhairi McFarlane

This book is the absolute BEST that I’ve read in a long time! The main character Laurie has just gotten out of a long term relationship and next thing she knows…her ex’s girlfriend is pregnant. She wants to show that she’s not hung up on him and someone who works at her office wants to show that he has serious commitments so they (Laurie and Jamie) start ‘fake dating’.



One of my friends suggested this to me as I have very sensitive skin and a lot of moisturizers give me an allergic reaction 🙁 I would definitely recommend this – at the start and occasionally now, it does make my skin go a little bit flaky. But apart from that, it has made my skin SO much clearer and has worked a lot quicker than any other skin brand.

Pink hair dye

You might have seen on my Instagram or in a previous blog post but I’ve dip-dyed my hair pink! I did this once before last year and I really liked it so I decided to have a nice self-care weekend and pamper myself. I made cookies, put a sheet mask on, painted my nails and also dyed my hair – it’s mostly out now, but I’ve loved it. 💅💗

I used Colorista Washout Hot Pink which was really easy to use. Mine turned out looking more red than pink but that’s because my hair is a darkish blonde shade.


Vicky Pattison: The secret to…

I’ve always really liked Vicky, ever since I saw her on I’m A Celeb! I discovered her podcast about a month or two ago and I am currently listening to them all from the beginning. She’s so funny and honest, I would definitely recommend this.

Shagged married annoyed by Chris & Rosie Ramsey

I’ve been loving this podcast for ages, I even used to listen to it on the bus to college…but I had to stop because I kept almost bursting into laughter! 😂 They’re such a funny duo and I fully recommend – especially if you are having a bad day, I promise that you’ll laugh. At the start of lockdown, it was literally the highlight of my week 🌟


The Sims 4

I bought the base game for The Sims at the start of lockdown and since then I’ve bought some more packs to add even more to the game. It has been filling lots of my time and it’s so enjoyable.

There are lots of challenges on Twitter which you can join in with and there are also sometimes giveaways which is so cool 🙌

My favourite packs on the Sims 4 are ‘eco-lifestyle’ and ‘tiny living’! Let me know what your favourite pack is if you have Sims! 💚

Mario Kart

Throughout lockdown, my parents and I have been playing 8 races of Mario Kart every single day 😜

It is really fun and something you can do whatever age you are🎮

Jigsaw puzzles

I feel like at the start of lockdown, everyone was doing lots of jigsaws and they went out of stock so fast, whenever I looked online for them!🧩

I’ve loved doing jigsaws in the evening with a nice cup of tea and some giant chocolate buttons ☕️🍫

What are some of your lockdown favourites?

Best wishes, Cx

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  1. Jigsaw puzzles are my best!! I particularly love the disney art puzzles and I’ve done so many during lockdown (just finished a 2000 piece one). Also I loved reading your favourites and glad you enjoyed those disney shows (I’m a big disney nerd) and in general I just loved this post xxx

    1. Thank you! Wow 2000?! – that’s soooo many, the biggest one I’ve done (haven’t actually completed it yet tho) is 1000 pieces 😂 Thank you so much for reading 🙂 xxx

      1. Yeah I know I usually stick to 1000 and they’re already huge 😂 oooh have fun with your puzzle and of course I loved it ☺️

        1. Haha, thanks 🙂 xx

    (don’t lose ur head & all you wanna do are my fave songs)

    1. SAMEEEE! “I’m the 10 amongst these 3” – love it! xx

  3. Such a great selection! Lockdown was such a great time to sit back and think about what we appreciated, isn’t it? I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle for years – I think I may have to look for one now! I’ve been playing cards and board games which I also hadn’t done for years and can’t remember why I stopped! x

    Helen | http://www.whathelenloves.com

    1. Totally agree, I played a fair few baord games too xx

  4. I’m re-watching New Girl right now! My favorite is Schmitt! 🙂

    So glad I found your blog! 🙂 let’s connect!

    – B

    1. Love him – he’s so funny! xx

  5. I love this post! I’m a huge fan of Disney, as well. 🙂

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