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6 ways that trees benefit us

The 21st of March 2021 is International Day of Forests, as well as World Planting Day. Trees are so important to us and benefit us in so many ways.

They store CO2

Trees are such a big deal to us because they absorb atmospheric CO2, for photosynthesis, whilst giving us oxygen to breathe. This is why it’s so good if you can be vegetarian because farmers have to chop down trees in order to create space for cattle. Fast-growing trees are great because they can store carbon relatively quickly, but slow-growing trees will end up storing more carbon as they live longer. This is why ancient trees are sometimes protected – they store lots of carbon!

They prevent soil erosion

There are two ways that I’m going to talk about here. The first way is that tree roots keep the soil bound together. Having roots in the soil means that, when it rains, the water won’t just sit on top, it will go through the pores of the soil. This will also prevent flooding!

Trees protect the soil from rain and wind which are two of the worst things for soil. A tree can act as a windbreaker and as an interception for the rain. Wind could cause the soil to blow away and the rain will, once again, cause flooding. A tree will give somewhere for the rain to go and will stop them from reaching the momentum it would take to push the soil particles apart.

They cool cities

If you’ve never studied geography, you might be thinking how? Well, cities can be known as Urban Heat Islands (UHIs). This is where they are a warmer temperature than the surrounding areas, such as suburban and rural. Trees can reduce temperatures when they release water vapour through evapotranspiration. It is estimated that trees can reduce the temperature of up to 7 degrees! The best trees for this are ones that have canopies, light coloured leaves and/or a large SA. Along with this, they provide shade.

They provide food & jobs

I bet that you eat at least one fruit that grows on a tree regularly. I eat an apple everyday, you might eat oranges, lemons, bananas etc. Even if you don’t eat from fruit trees, they provide food for nature who are equally as important as us. Farmers earn money from fruit that grows on trees so they also provides for the economy.

They are good for our health

Watching trees change colour throughout the seasons is always something I like watching, whether that be from my window or outside. Flowers are sometimes given to hospital patients because they make us feel better – trees are the same!

It isn’t just our mental health that they help, they also reduce pollution. Tree canopies trap/absorb dust and pollutants and reduce noise pollution. Medicines have been found from trees and their leaves and many are still undiscovered.

Without trees, we couldn’t live.

They boost biodiversity

Trees are one of the most diverse habitats. There are so many places for organisms to live…in the canopy, branches, leaves, flowers, trunk etc. They also provide food & a place to hide from predators or prey. Did you know that one mature Oak tree can be a home to 500 different species? So cool!

On my blog, I try to provide lots of tips to share & help others become more eco-friendly. But, every now and again, I think it’s important to share info about why we should be caring for the environment & what it does for us. Hope you enjoyed 💚

Best wishes, Cx

40 thoughts on “6 ways that trees benefit us”

  1. Trees are fantastic- for us and for the environment! Sheffield is one of the greenest cities- and going for a woodland walk always boosts my spirits. Thank you for sharing these benefits x

  2. Loved this post! Trees are such an incredible part of our environment, it’s easy to forget how essential they are.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  3. Thank you for sharing this! Far too often, people seem to think of trees as nothing more than a ‘decoration’ in their home space. While they definitely can add to the curb appeal of a home, seeing only that benefit encourages the view that they are disposable which couldn’t be further from the truth! We need to recognize (and share) the real benefits that trees provide so that we can encourage our society to take steps to protect our forests.

  4. I have always had a very deep respect for trees. There is just something magical about them. I have to admit though, this post has taught me a lot of new things about trees. I had no idea that they could effects the temperature that much or that they prevented soil erosion. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully this will help others to develop a respect for trees as well.

  5. Aw I love this post! I’ve been experiencing more and more gratitude for nature lately – probably since the pandemic and lockdown – so it’s lovely to read this. And I learned something new! x

  6. Trees are very important to us. I study Geophysics in Uni and our main job is basically to look after the earth. Trees are so amazing, they can prevent flood, excess CO2 is very dangerous to humans and the earth and can lead to global warming. Unlike we humans, trees take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (O2) thereby preventing global warming!

  7. We are very lucky to live in the country and have quite a few trees in our garden and orchard. I knew about some of the benefits you’ve shared but not that they can cool cities, that is just amazing. No wonder places like Singapore are so keen on them. Loved this post, Caroline, thank you so much! xx

  8. Love this! Can I add onto this that they’re also beautiful! There’s something about watching them go through the seasons that is just stunning!

    Katie |

  9. Trees are just awesome, aren’t they? I’m lucky enough to live near a woded area, and walking through there is just so peaceful, I think because of the trees!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  10. Trees are so beautiful and have so many amazing benefits to the planet. Thank you for these benefits, I didn’t realise just how much they really do. It’s a shame we’re cutting so many down. I really hope that we can turn it around in the near future!

    Em x

  11. This was such an interesting read! Trees are such a great part of the ecosystem and I am glad you’re sharing more about them! I have to admit that I didn’t know about soil erosion. Thank you for sharing x

  12. I’m so lucky to have grown up in an area with a lot of trees and have definitely experienced fresher air and the mental health benefits of being around trees. It’s so cool to learn about the other things too. 🙂

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