Today is Amazon Rainforest Day so I’ve decided to share some of the amazing animals that live there.

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Amazon river dolphin

  • Known as ‘pink river dolphin’
  • Brain capacity is 40% bigger than ours
  • Classed as vulnerable by WWF
  • Dams, water and food is contaminated by mines which is why they are vulnerable
  • Fishermen kill and injure them because they believe they are a threat to fish stocks

Giant otter

  • Can be up to 7ft
  • Classed as endangered and only 2000 – 5000 remain
  • They are threatened by habitat loss and hunters (for their fur)

Spider monkey

  • Live in the upper layers of the forest
  • They are the most intelligent of the ‘new world’ monkeys
  • Logging destroys their habitat


  • World’s largest rodent
  • 4.4ft
  • They live in groups of 100+
  • Semi-aquatic
  • Omnivore
  • Can be kept as pets
  • They are invasive species in the US -> believed to be in Florida as escaped or abandoned pets

Glass frog

  • So transparent that you can see their internal organs!
  • Mostly active at night so are very hard to spot
  • During breeding season, they live alongside rivers and streams
  • They leave the frogspawn on leaves overhanging the river and then go back to the canopy
  • Some frogs even come back and care for their young which is very unusual
  • They are a good bioindicator which is where they provide information and clues to the health of the environment they live in

Jesus lizard

  • Also known as the ‘common basilisk’
  • Can run up to 20m on water at over 5 miles/hour
  • They run on their hind feet

Mata mata

  • A turtle that is completely aquatic
  • Odd shaped head, with a horn on and a long neck
  • Although it never leaves the water, it can breathe air and walk
  • They act as a vacuum when eating prey – goes straight through their stomach as they can’t chew


  • Known as ‘honey bear’, ‘bear monkey’ and ‘lion monkey;
  • They are rarely seen by us because they are nocturnal and live in the treetops
  • Classed as a carnivore but eat 90% fruit
  • They are known as ‘honey bears’ because they drink nectar from flowers
  • Can be kept as pets but are deadly to humans because they carry a potentially deadly parasite -> Roundworm


  • Suffer from bad press!
  • They aren’t aggressive or dangerous
  • The natives swim with them
  • They rarely attack larger animals, including humans, they get most of their food from remains of already dead animals
  • If they’re hungry or something drifts into their territory, they will attack

Guianan cock-of-the-rock

  • 10 – 12 inches in size
  • Semi circle crest on their heads
  • Female -> olive grey
  • Male -> bright orange
  • The males have a ‘dance-off’ mating ritual with one female
  • The female then gives a peck on the back of the one they choose and can end up watching 40 males before choosing!

I had a lot of fun finding out about all these animals, I think my favourite might be the Amazon river dolphin due to the fact that they’re pink! 🐬💗

Which of these animals are your favourites? And have you heard of any before?

Best wishes, Cx

Some of my info was from:

Pachamama Alliance


Reader’s Digest

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  1. That’s fun! I had no idea there are such big otters in the world, and the Jesus lizard video is cool!

  2. I love this post! I love the unique idea of this post. These animals are the true wonders of this planet.. we should protect them 💓

    1. Thank you! Definitely agree xx

  3. LOVED THIS POST!!! A really great way for us to appreciate some of the amazing creatures on this planet!! For me I love the river dolphin – but all are amazing and I just hope we can save them and their habitats before it’s too late💖

    1. Thank you!! Sameeee xx

  4. Ah this was such a cool and fun post! I definitely learned something new. The big otters are cool! I love otters anyway, they’re so funny x

    1. Thank you 🙂 x

  5. WOW. IT WAS A GREAT POST. Such a creative one. My favourite would be river dolphin but all the animals are amazing. 😊🥰💖

    1. Thank you!! agreed x

  6. Oh I love Capybaras! If you’re ever needing a pick me up, googling pictures of capybaras with other animals is super cute 🙂

    1. Awww, I’ll bare that in mind 🙂 x

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