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Halloween food waste

I think that it’s really important that we talk about food waste, specifically from Halloween. When you carve a pumpkin, you have to take all the insides out first – you are taking all the good stuff out. Lots of people end up putting it straight into the food waste which is really sad! There are so many things that you could cook with pumpkin.

I thought I’d share some ideas so that there’s less food waste. Did you know that 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin are wasted? Whilst pumpkin carving is fun, there are plenty of ways we can reduce this figure.

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What can I do with pumpkin leftovers?

  • Pumpkin pie, soup, muffins, butter
  • A face mask/body scrub
  • Save the seeds and bake/plant them for next year
  • Pumpkin drinks
  • Vegetable stock
  • Use the seeds in pesto instead of pine nuts – great for people who are allergic to nuts
  • Instead of using meat in a lasagne, use pumpkin

I think it’s important to try to do everything that we can. I’ve been noticing that Morrisons are really trying to reduce the amount of plastic they use, especially to do with fruit & veg. Using paper bags or mesh bags is obviously a lot better than plastic bags. If more people do this, it will encourage supermarkets to not use plastic.

I recently watched a documentary called ‘What Britain Buys and Sells in a Day’ which Ed Balls is in. I’ve only watched the first episode about fruit & veg, but it was so interesting and a must-see!

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