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Blogmas day 4 | How to give your cat their best Christmas

Today’s post is a bit weird but I really wanted to share this with you! Hopefully your cat/other pet will like this.

Make them an advent calendar

This is literally one of my favourite things about Christmas. My dad and I make them an advent calendar full of their favourite treats. I really don’t like giving Monty and Percy catnip because it just makes them go all hyper and crazy. Plus, one year I think we bought them a catnip and maybe milk drops calendar and they wouldn’t eat it. We did come across a Dreamies calendar a few years ago and they loved that since Dreamies are their favourite but we could never find it again.

Making an advent calendar is such a fun process and a good way to reuse your own chocolate calendar.

Step 1: Take the plastic sheet thing out of the calendar

Empty advent calendar

Step 2: Take off any loose pieces of foil so that it is all smooth

Step 3: Add the treats into each day, make sure you don’t put too many. The foil needs to lay flat.

Filled advent calendar

Step 4: Put PVA glue on every row and collumn and take a large piece of foil and put over the top.

Covered advent calendar

Step 5: Keep a heavy book on it for 24 hours to make sure that the foil has properly stuck.

Step 6: Cut the excess foil off the edges and put it back into the calendar.

P.S. Remember to keep the calendar on a high shelf because your cat(s) can and will break into it!

Buy them their very own Christmas lunch

They won’t want the vegetable part but we love buying our cats a special turkey dinner each year. Something as a special treat!

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Best wishes, Cx

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  1. Oooh this is such a fun idea!!! I usually just do a little stocking for my cat Lily but I do love the idea of a cat advent calendar. Thanks for sharing 🎄

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